The Nestor website has been redesigned during the summer of 2017 to clear up some issues with our old Content Management System and add some new features. Some of the changes are listed below.


  • The database search pages have been completely rewritten in a more modern programming language which is more easily embedded in the website
  • The database search pages are also more compatible with the Zotero bibliographic system, which allows for the discovery and importing of bibliographic items
  • The website is responsive, which means that it will look great on tablets and phones as well as the desktop
  • The Nestor bibliography can be searched from any page via the search box at the top
  • The Nestor Search menu on the right of the screen will bring up the full field bibliographic search page
  • News items can be shared via Facebook or twitter by the icons at the bottom of each screen
  • The print icon will let you customize the pages that you print, convert to pdf, or email
  • The email icon at the bottom of each screen will allow you to send the full url of the results of your searches in the bibliography to share with colleagues
Access to Nestor is provided by the Department of Classics at the University of Cincinnati