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Steven Ellis' Pompeii excavations are being featured in a new National Geographic series called When Rome Ruled. The series is described as:

This major new series takes in the most iconic names and places of Roman history but shows how we are now seeing them in a different way. We join the experts uncovering the lives of the working class during Pompeii’s last twenty-four hours in a newly excavated area of the city; discover the secrets of Rome’s engineers through new finds made during the construction of a new metro tunnel under Rome; see the real face of Caesar with a bust recently found under the River Tiber; and reveal the secret of Rome’s military success through lost weapons and letters written on waxed tablets on the frontline of the Empire. And we uncover fresh takes on key events such as the invasion of Britain, the destruction of Pompeii and the opening of the Colosseum.

The area of Pompeii being excavated by UC is focused on an entire neighborhood just inside one of the main gates to Pompeii, the Porta Stabia. The trailer for the series is below and shows Dr. Ellis talking about the site and gives a very brief view of the CGI reconstructions of the block. See more about the Porta Stabia excavations at Pompeii here.

The series starts on December 12. The Pompeii episode airs December 13.