The University of Cincinnati Classics Department is one of the most active centers for the study of the Greek and Roman Antiquity in the United States. Thirteen full-time faculty members specialize in Classical philology, ancient history, and archaeology, including Greek prehistory. 

About thirty-five graduate students are in residence at any given time, while others spend a year or more abroad to study or conduct research. The heart of the Department is the recently renovated Burnam Classical Library, the world's most comprehensive library for advanced research in Classics (with ca. 260,000 volumes). The department's Tytus Fellowships bring an additional nine to twelve researchers to the Department each year. About fifty undergraduate majors profit from the vibrant scholarly community, while an Outreach Program takes faculty and graduate students to area schools. The department's full lecture series, including those sponsored by the Archaeological Institute of America, attract audiences from the larger academic and lay community in the Cincinnati area. The Department edits an international scholarly journal, the Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists, as well as Nestor, a bibliographic resource for Aegean Prehistory. Archaeological fieldwork is currently being conducted in Greece at Pylos, Knossos, and Isthmia, in Italy at Pompeii, in Turkey at Gordion, and in Israel at Caesarea Maritima.


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