1The official name of MRAP in Albanian is the Projekti Arkeologjik i Rajonit Mallakastë r.

2We gratefully acknowledge the participation of Professor Cherry in the formative stages of this research project and appreciate his many contributions to the formation of its research design.

3Site numbers 007 and 008 have been respectively reserved for descriptions of the settlement within the walls of ancient Apollonia and of its ancient cemeteries.

4Neritan Ceka (14/6/98) informed us that while stationed in the archaeological unit at Fier he had examined this church before its destruction. At that time, he remembers that a Doric capital was built into its walls and that the architrave block was lying near the church.

5This section of the report is the work of Charles Watkinson.

6This section of the report is the work of Michael Galaty.

7The ideas in this section of our report are synthesized from the transcript of a conversation with Dr. Zangger (30/5/98) at Apollonia.

8This section of our report is the work of Sharon R. Stocker, who directed the processing of finds.

9Information in this section was provided by John Wallrodt, who organized computer facilities for theproject.

10The DEM was prepared by Christopher Dore of Archaeological Mapping Specialists, Lincoln, Nebraska.

11In the field the project used MapInfo as its Geographical Information System. 1:25,000 scale maps, prepared for the Albanian army in 1983, were enlarged to 1:10,000 and used as base maps for fieldwalking.

12This section of the report is based on results of ceramic and lithic analysis by Skender Muç aj and and Muzafer Korkuti.

13Compare M. Korkuti and Z. Andrea, "Stacioni i Neolitit të Mesë m në Cakran të Fierit," Iliria 3 (1974) 80, table 2, no. 6; M. Gjata, "Gjetje Neolitike të Rastit nga Rrethi i Fierit," Iliria 1991, table 1, no. 3.